Our new DAF Euro 6 trucks are fitted with a large number of innovations designed to help you in your daily work, while at the same time contributing significantly to optimized transport efficiency. Our trucks are backed by a full range of services like the DAF International Truck Service arranging whatever you need to be able to get back on the road and back on schedule as quickly as possible.


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DAF Transport Efficiency driver

Driver Performance Assistant

The Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) provides you with comprehensive feedback on fuel consumption achieved, levels of anticipation whilst driving and on braking behaviour. As a new feature, information from the tachograph can now be projected on the central information display, giving you a clear overview of driving and resting times to avoid infringements.

Also tyre pressure and service intervals can be read directly on the dashboard, for enhanced vehicle availability and planning.

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Predictive Cruise Control (option)

In addition to the standard Cruise Control and the optional Adaptive Cruise Control - which keeps a set and safe distance to the vehicle in front - your truck may have been specified with optional Predictive Cruise Control and Predictive Shifting. Predictive Cruise Control uses advanced GPS-technology to determine the exact position of the vehicle and to know which driving conditions have to be taken into account of over the next 2 kilometres, anticipating ascents and descents. Within the specified range, Predictive Cruise Control determines the ideal speed and Predictive Shifting selects the ideal gear.

ECO Mode

Most driving conditions don’t require full acceleration. ECO Mode is a new standard feature on all Euro 6 CF and XF models with PACCAR MX engine to save fuel by reducing engine torque by 10% in the first eleven gears. ECO Mode defaults to ‘ON’ but you can over-ride this function. Simply press the button on the end of this stalk in situations where maximum torque is needed, for instance on a steep climb.

ECO Mode is active by default. Press one time to overrule - press twice for manual. As soon as maximum power isn’t needed anymore, the system automatically switches back to ECO Mode.

DAF Eco Mode

Smart roof spoiler

Smart roof spoiler

As part of the DAF Transport Efficiency program a roof spoiler was developed featuring a unique adjusting mechanism, which allows you to easily adjust the height of the spoiler while standing next to the truck using an adjusting spindle fitted to the rear wall of the cabin or on the inside of the fenders. This ensures that the spoiler can always be positioned at the right height, which can lower fuel consumption by a few percent.

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