Perhaps your most important partner to optimize the efficiency of your business is your driver. Because a satisfied driver saves costs and does his job better! DAF knows this like no other and supports him or her to get the best out of the truck! That’s also DAF Transport Efficiency!
Mild Cruise Control
Mild Cruise Control gently increases the vehicle's speed until the set level is reached, which in turn saves fuel.
Predictive Cruise Control and Predictive Shifting
Predictive Cruise Control and Predictive Shifting anticipate slopes and descents which will come in the next one or two kilometres. Based on this knowledge, they select the ideal speed and gear. Consequently, on hilly routes, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 3%.
DAF Predictive Cruse Control
Fast shift
Fast shift increases the shift speed between 10th, 11th and 12th gear. Less disruption to traction saves diesel.
Eco Mode
Eco Mode reduces engine torque by 10% in the first 11 gears. Not always, there's the need to accelerate at maximum power. This feature results in fuel savings of 1%.

EcoDrive+ training
The new EcoDrive+ training course teaches drivers how to make the best possible use of new technologies such as Eco Mode and Predictive Cruise Control & Shifting. DAF driver training courses result in permanent fuel savings of 3 to 5% and reduce wear on tyres and brakes. Read more

Smart roof spoiler
DAF has developed a roof deflector that the driver can easily adjust while standing next to the truck — for optimised aerodynamics between the tractor and trailer at all times.
Eco roll
The truck "rolls" down gentle descents in a controlled manner with the engine running at idle speed, which in turn saves fuel.
More information for the driver
Tyre pressure and service intervals can now be read directly on the dashboard, for enhanced vehicle availability and planning.
Driver Performance Assistant
The DAF Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) is standard on all LF, CF and XF trucks. The driver receives extensive feedback on driving behaviour, including tips to help achieve even higher efficiency. DPA helps your driver get the best out of your truck!
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To assist you getting the best from your new DAF truck you can watch our driver instruction video clips on youtube. 

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