DAF Transport Efficiency is reflected in every DAF. Whether you opt for an LF for distribution, the CF for a multitude of applications, or an XF for the heavy work and long distance, you will always choose a truck with a low kerb weight and a high payload.
Aerodynamic skylights
Integrated Skylights for the CF Space Cab and XF Super Space Cab. Additional lighting without efficiency loss. DAF XF Euro 6 Exterior sky light
Lighter engine

The new 10.8-litre PACCAR MX-11 engine is 180 kilograms lighter than the 12.9-litre MX-13 engine. That weight saving means extra payload.

Long service intervals

Service intervals of up to 150,000 kilometres help ensure maximum vehicle availability.

More economical engines
The PACCAR MX engines were already known for their high efficiency. Various innovations make them 2% more efficient. PACCAR MX-11 Euro 6

Maximum payload
A robust and lightweight chassis to allow for maximum payload and perfectly prepared for quick and efficient mounting of the body.

Large fuel tank volumes
Unique to Euro 6 tractor units: 1,500 litre fuel tank capacity. Save money by filling up where diesel is cheapest.
Smart design
Even the shape of the bumpers contributes to efficient cooling. This increased efficiency reduces fan use by up to 50%, which in turn saves fuel. 

Powerful engine cooling
An attractive design can be functional too. The prominent grille provides powerful engine cooling. And better cooling means better performance.

Automatic engine shutdown
Engines shut down automatically after five minutes of idling. Better for the environment, better for your wallet.

Powerful engine brake
An exceptionally powerful engine brake. Cheaper, more fuel efficient and lighter than a retarder. Also resulting in reduced service brakes.

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More ways to improve your efficiency

Aerodynamic aerobody

LF Aerobody

The LF with Aerobody means you can order your truck and superstructure from the same place, at the same time, and reduce fuel consumption by 4% in distribution transport applications.

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Delivery at any time


With the new CF and XF (72 dB(A)), you can make deliveries in the evenings or at night, even if noise restrictions are in place.

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More cargo per journey


New Low Deck tractor units have a fifth-wheel height of just 91 cm. They fit trailers with an internal height of 3 metres, allowing more cargo per journey.

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